You go, girl – Amelia Earhart

Our handcrafted jewellery is here to empower women all around the world – Salome is very much inspired by strong women and their stories. The 12th of January is known as a day of thinking and remembering a heroine Amelia Earhart.

An American aviator and author who disappeared in 1937 in a flight around the globe, was only the 16th woman to have a pilot’s license -  she had numerous notable flights and became the first person to fly over Atlantic and Pacific.

Since young age, Amelia was sharp, adventurous, and brave person - Earhart volunteered as a nurse for the Red Cross right after her graduation – she came to know many pilots and developed a strong admiration for aviators, which inspired her to work hard for her career as one.

In 1932, Earhart became the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic, in a nearly 15-hour voyage. Earhart's flight established her as an international hero and earned her numerous honours.

In 1935, Earhart joined the faculty at Purdue University as a female career consultant and technical advisor to the Department of Aeronautics. She began to plan a circumnavigational flight to circle the world.

And she tried, in 1937. The plan was to take off from California, fly west to Hawaii, cross the Pacific Ocean to reach Australia, fly over sub-continent of India, on to Africa, Florida, and back to California. Unfortunately, with numerous difficulties during the flight, it is likely that the tanks of the plane ran out of fuel and ditched at sea. Despite the efforts of rescue authorized by President Franklin D. Roosevelt — the fate of the two flyers in a plane remained a mystery. 

Becoming the subject of numerous books and movies, Amelia is someone worth admiring - the bravery, independence and persistence of a young bright woman is here to inspire and motivate all.