What is your jewellery style?

You can’t go wrong with wearing something given by mother nature! Different colours, textures, shapes, and sizes – we at SALOME adore our natural stones.

We are huge believers in making a statement in countless unique ways – it is nonetheless important to find one that feels right & empowering to you.

So, what is your way of wearing confidence?


You love natural stones and believe in their power – bulky or dainty, neutral or colourful, polished or natural they carry a meaning that connects with you. You make it work for any occasion and are breaking a stigma that natural stones can only go with bohemian style. You know the story behind your jewellery & you are ready to tell it. You are making a statement by breaking the rules and are always ready to have all eyes on you – you are a rock star!


The French rule of no more than three jewellery pieces at the time does not apply to you! Bracelets, earrings, rings, you name it - you love it all and are not afraid to showcase it. You can get away with breaking the rules by mixing different textures, sizes, colours and stone types like a pro. More is more for you and you are making a statement by matching everything in a unique way – you are a maximalist!


You are a believer that confidence should not scream but whisper to those who come close enough to hear it. Less is more for you and you don’t like to overthink it - you know that a small gemstone can carry a huge power! You wear jewellery you trust and connect with, you love unique and sleek pieces that still catch the eye – and are making a statement by your effortless look. You are a minimalist!


You believe in the timelessness and pearl-fection of elegant and classy pieces - everything you wear is something you trust and is there to stay for long. You are ready to make a statement every day because every day is special and worth dressing up with jewellery for. Pearls and precious metals shout your name every time you see them because they make you feel like a queen that you are. You are a classic!