The Inspiration Behind It All

Dear Mother Earth and Mums everywhere, one day is not enough to celebrate all you do for us but this day is all about you and how much we love you. Your impact is greater than you could ever know and at SALOME, mothers and Mother Earth are our greatest inspirations. 

Portrait of Kellie’s mother Salome

This month we want to celebrate mothers of all kinds, everywhere. The brand itself, SALOME, is named after our founder Kellie Daniels' late mother, paying a touching tribute to Kellie’s inspiration and commitment to carrying on the legacy of mother daughter relationships by incorporating her own three young daughters into her work. At SALOME the stones we use all have meaning far beyond their beauty, which is why we want to highlight mums and nature with the crystal that symbolises unconditional love, rose quartz. 

Rose Quartz necklaces from our Bridal Collection

Mothers play a vital role in our lives. They can provide a sense of protection, support and love. Apart from its natural beauty and delicate rose colour, the rose quartz gem is a symbolic stone of power and universal love. Whether that be self love or outward love, rose quartz exudes elegance as it is considered to be the crystal of Venus, Goddess of love and beauty.

Photo of Venus de Milo, marble statue of Aphrodite from Melos, c. 150 BCE; in the Louvre, Paris. (Picture taken from Britannica Encyclopedia)

Venus was the mother of Cupid and was famous for her romantic intrigues with both gods and mortals. She is often associated with femininity which is perfectly displayed in our rose quartz pieces. The simplicity and elegance of rose quartz is a perfect gift for your mum or for you!

SALOME Rose Quartz Necklace & Tilly Earrings 

While Mother’s Day in the UK has passed, celebrating mums is a year round event. Give the gift of one of our beautiful rose quartz pieces. Mother's Day may be hard for various reasons, so do not be afraid to treat yourself to some jewellery as well or celebrate Mother Earth and all she has given us. This crystal is special in that it not only symbolises love and power, it is also thought to provide a vital shield against emotional and environmental stress. And be a healing crystal. 


Photo from the Cross River Gorilla Project Website

This Mother’s Day season celebrate with a gift from our selection of rose quartz pieces. So whether you are splurging on your mother or yourself, show your love through some of our beautiful rose quartz pieces. Celebrate love, mothers and Mother Earth this month, and join us in highlighting Mother Nature’s beauty. SALOME is not only committed to making beautiful jewellery but also preserving and sustaining the environment around us. That is why as ambassadors for the Cross River Gorilla Project we are dedicated to sustainability. We are doing a nature walk this Sunday to celebrate Mother Earth’s beauty, so join us by grabbing some of our rose quartz pieces and showcasing yours, your mother’s or Mother Nature’s inner and outer beauty.


Bridal Collection Rose Quartz Ring 



Blog entry written by Dylan Watkiss