I guess it is always about love!

Written by Evdokia Samara

I am sure the last few months have been challenging to all of us. As the days pass and the holidays ended, sometimes, I find it difficult to keep a smile on my face, to look on the bright side and remember I am young and full of excitement for life! I miss traveling and seeing friends, flirting with beautiful strangers, or just drinking my coffee in a cafeteria with a book, keeping me company. If you feel like that, I am here to tell you it is ok, and you are not alone. 

While researching ways to de-stress and relax I started doing yoga and looking deeper into properties of oils and gemstones and I decided to create a small corner of “peace and love” into my home just to have a place I can feel sucks away the bad energy. I added aromatic candles and a couple of books I love on a small table and our beautiful pink rose quartz elephant (which you can find online in our website for this month). 

Why a pink quartz you will ask?
Pink quartz is the main stone of the heart center. It radiates love and calmness. It helps to have mental harmony. Reduces sadness. It helps to feel joy and happiness. It attracts love, helping us to unite sincerely with a partner. It sends relaxing energy to all the chakras, especially to the fourth which is the Chakra of love, serenity, and the heart. 

Pink Quartz is an excellent meditation crystal for soothing and relaxing tension from the physical body and letting the compassion of the universe wash through the senses.

By many rose quartzes are considered a love potion in rock form. It helps the person open him or herself to love and feel more attractive and sensual. In older times women even infused their body oils and aromas with a bit of pink quartz believing that the stones mystical properties would help them attract the one they desired. In China, many vases and bottles were created by the stone as well to promote fertility and good energy in a household. 

Rose quartz vase – Qing Dynasty – China – The MET

The stone honors Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty and as a Greek mythology freak, I cannot resist writing about one of my favorite stories that involves the creation of the beautiful rose quartz. 


Double Bird Pendant - 8th–12th century – The MET

Venus de Milo on display at the Louvre

Aphrodite furious with Smyrna the daughter of the king of Cyprus, Kinyra, made her fall in love with her father and seduce him (I know… harsh). Smyrna got pregnant with Adonis. Kinyras shoked by what he did tried to kill his daughter but Aphrodite full of remorse transformed her into a tree and by that tree her son was born. 

Adonis was a beautiful baby and Aphrodite falling for her own ruse instantly fell in love with him. To save him from his father she gave Adonis to Persephone the goddess of the Underworld, but she also fell for the beauty of the baby and when Aphrodite returned to get him Persephone refused. 

The Awakening of Adonis (1899-1900) by John William Waterhouse

Zeus gave the solution at the end saying that Adonis was to spend 1/3 of the year in the Underworld, the other 1/3 of the year with Aphrodite and the last third wherever he desired. As the boy grew his love for Aphrodite grew as well and decided he would spend most of his time with her. They were madly in love and sat in the countryside for hours. As time passed Aphrodite started neglecting her other lover, the god Ares and gave all her affection to the young prince. 

Venus and Adonis (1792) by François Lemoyne

Ares was furious and one day while Adonis was hunting, the god made a wild boar attack him. The boar pierced Adonis with his tusk and left him bleeding to death. When Aphrodite saw him started mourning her lost love and grabbed him on her arms. While she was moving him wherever Adonis’ blood touched the ground beautiful anemone flowers and rose quartzes emerged. They say that is why anemones flourish so beautiful and in vibrant colors but also wilt so easily.

The Death of Adonis (1614) by Peter Paul Rubens

A beautiful but also sad story that reminds us to cherish every moment and love with all our heart. 

Another ancient Greek myth says that Eros, the son of Aphrodite decided to bring the rose quartz to the mortals to make them know love and romance. The myth calls the rose quartz the Love Stone. 

Ancient Greeks knew how important love was and that is why they had created the most beautiful of all goddesses to be its personification. Aphrodite’s stories are always the most romantic, seducing and notorious in Greek mythology and personally she is my favorite Olympian. A beautiful, strong woman who is not afraid to fall madly in love, even if she gets hurt at some point and is also not afraid to show her sexuality and beauty to the world because that is who she is!

The goddess of love has been maybe the biggest inspiration of all times to artists all around the world and the works of art you saw while reading this article are just a small example. Botticelli, Titian, and many others had as their main theme the Goddess of love, something that probably proves that no matter the century love always inspires. 

As Valentine’s day comes our way it is most certainly the perfect time to open ourselves to love and what a better way to do it than by using some rose quartzes to help our minds be open to Eros (ancient Greek word for love) and feel its mystical magic. Maybe even watch again the film Love Potion no9 to have a good old laugh and feel romantic. 

So, if you want to feel lighter, calmer, happier and in love have a look around our Salome collections and choose a piece that will brighten your day and transform you in a goddess of love and beauty yourself! To get a piece of your very own love potion see our full range of rose quartz jewellery.