Empowering Your Inner Sparkle

Who doesn’t love some sparkle and glitter during the festive season?

It is important to realise that it is possible to shine bright and represent your inner sparkle without purchasing a new glittery or sequin outfit for every party. We are all aware of the negative impacts that sequins and (g)litter have on the environment - why not make sustainable choices such as re-use of clothing & conscious shopping?

We believe in staple pieces when it comes to both clothing and jewellery. Combined together, these can make a glamorous outfit that you can re-wear during any upcoming parties or style separately all year round.

Investing in environmentally-friendly pieces that are going to last you forever is always a good call! Our handcrafted all-natural-stones jewellery is here to awaken your inner sparkle:


Screams festivities and elegance! We use crystal Pearls that are cruelty-free and perfect replicas of genuine pearls. They are made of a unique crystal This timeless & classy piece is a pearl-fect fit for a party season! Pearls are said to have lunar elements which is believed to help balance the emotions and bring inner wisdom!



Boasting resemblance to gold, the shiny and feminine stone can be in a number of ways! Pyrite is said to promote positive thinking, personal growth and encourages one to live life to its full potential - it brings energies of good luck and good fortune.

Blue goldstone

The entire universe trapped in a stone. Dark, classy and shiny – a true statement for any occasion! The rich crystal is said to be the stone of confidence and ambition. Encouraging motivation and drive, it promotes a positive attitude, vitality and is an uplifting stone.