Conscious shopping!

The holiday season is truly phenomenal – time flies and stops at the same time.

It’s so easy to get caught in a routine of festivities, gift picking and last-minute errands – we at Salome encourage our lovely customers to think about their shopping habits and how these tend to reflect on the environment:

Do not over-shop

Is something really better than nothing? Show them that you really know them by surprising your special someone with a unique piece that really fits their style. We know that surprises just doesn’t work with some people, but why not just ask?

Handmade heaven or carefully picked out gift

The time and effort put into the present is something that money cannot buy. Watch some Youtube videos, roll up your sleeves and DIY – do it yourself.

Do not over-wrap

We’re all guilty of it – while the precious people deserve something special, Christmas cheer does not depend on the amount of ribbons you put on the gift! We can save the paper and cut the plastic by conscious wrapping.

Preserving our planet and taking care of it is a duty of every business. Salome designs is proud to handcraft the jewellery from all-natural stones and recycled metals – we also use long-lasting silk bags! Why not join us for some conscious shopping?