At SALOME, we love

At SALOME, we love

In the spirit of celebrating love, we at SALOME decided to say a little thank you and show some love back to our lovely customers. Here are a few things we are thankful for & absolutely adore about the power-girl relationship of our SALOME tribe.

SALOME tribe is proud to have women who encourage and celebrate the success of girls around them. They love to say complements and empower those around them. SALOME girls wear confidence – they are content & know that loving yourself before loving others is key for a healthy soul.

We love the continuous relationship we have with our stockists, bloggers, content creators, and journalists – united by creativity and passion for liberating and meaningful designs, we continue working exciting collaborations and growth of our tribe!

We love the fact that SALOME tribe is dynamic – every single one of us is different & unique. Wearing SALOME pieces unites us in a magical way, whilst celebrating our differences and ways of styling and bonding with the natural stones.

We also adore the fact that we are able to help women all around the world not only through our natural and power-carrying designs, but also through every single sale we make. SALOME tribe contributes 10% of the sales to non-profit organisations & makes a real impact and encourages women in arts & education.

Most importantly, we are passionate about the jewellery and its power to inspire and empower – we love what we do & love that you do too.