Always be gracious

Always be gracious like the Graces

Grace, a word, a name, a characteristic. So many different uses for one different word that signifies an important virtue. 

Here at SALOME while designing the new autumn collection our founder Kellie Daniels chose the name Three Graces. The reason? Her 3 biggest inspirations, Isabella, Scarlett and Vivienne, her beautiful, elegant, and joyful daughters. 

These three amazing girls embody the virtues of the Three Graces and bring to their family the three special gifts The Graces gave the world: Charm, Beauty and Creativity. 

But before the big reveal and before you go crazy about buying all three pieces, let us tell you a story about the origin of the name and the myth. 

In Greek mythology, the Graces were the goddesses of charm, beauty, nature, human creativity and fertility. The most famous were Aglaia, Euphrosyne and Thalia but although the myth usually refers to just these three there were many more mentioned in ancient texts. But for our case let’s learn the story of those three graceful girls. 

The Three Graces loved beauty very much and gave people the talents for art, closely connected with the Muses.

Aglaia is said to have been the youngest of the Three Graces, who personified charm, beauty, nature, fertility and creativity in Greek Mythology. The name "Aglaia means bright and beautiful in Greek. Aglaia married the god Hephaestus, but had a son, Nireas, with the king of Symi, Haropos. 

Euphrosyne is the Goddess of Good Cheer, Joy and Mirth. Her name comes from the Greek term euphrosynos, which means "merriment" in female form.

Thalia was the goddess of festivity and rich banquets and was associated with Aphrodite as part of her retinue. The Greek word thalia is an adjective applied to banquets, meaning rich, plentiful, luxuriant and abundant.

Through centuries many artists have chosen to use The Graces as their inspiration and many famous works of art have survived time to attest to that. 

One of our personal favourites the Primavera of Sandro Botticelli 


Written by Eva Samara for SALOME



On the left side of the painting the three girls dancing are no others than our current inspiration. After all big minds think alike. Beautiful and airily dressed with long blonde hair. The personification of the Renaissance idol. Botticelli has really outdone himself in this piece. 

Another famous work of art is the beautiful sculpture of Canova that resides today in the biggest museum in the world, Hermitage. 



As you can see The Three Graces always symbolised the ideal human figure. Beautiful with many virtues and full of kindness. Our new collection is the embodiment of this. You will feel unique when wearing our pieces and ready to conquer whatever life throws at you with the  elegance and kindness of the Graces. 

So now it is time! Go through our new collection and pick up the piece or pieces that will make you feel like a true goddess.