A mother is the best gift I could ask for!

A mother is the best gift I could ask for!
Mother, mom, μητέρα (Greek)…it’s usually the first word every baby blurts out and with good reason. Mothers,especially for us girls, are our absolute idols; the person we can count on no matter what happens and the person who we know wants the very best for us.
I have been blessed with a wonderful mother and I thank God for her every day. She is my mentor, my best friend and the person who knows literally everything about me…every happy moment, every sad moment, every heartbreak, every new flirt! I literally can’t hide anything from her. I call her and straight away she understands if I am sad, or if I have been on a date… it’s like she has a super radar, and thats what makes her a mother.
Our founder, Kellie Daniels is mother to three wonderful girls and as she always says - they are the best gift ever given to her. Her own relationship with her mother, Salome, was a remarkably close one and by creating the brand and naming it after her greatest mentor, she feels closer to her every day. Her jewellery brand has become an invisible bond between them.
With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s the perfect opportunity to share another bedtime story, and hopefully it’s one that you will enjoy and repeat to your children and loved ones. The story talks about the unbreakable bond between a mother and daughter and it is probably one of the most famous tales in Ancient Greek mythology - Demeter and her daughter, Persephone.
Persephone was the daughter of Zeus and Demeter, the goddess of fruitfulness and fertility and who was responsible for the good harvest. One day, Persephone, Athena, Artemis and the Oceanic nymphs went to collect flowers in Nyssion Field. Carefree, Persephone left her companions, looking for the most beautiful flower in the field. The moment she bent down to pick a narcissus, the earth split in two, and from its bowels appeared a chariot driven by Pluto. He grabbed Persephone but as no one other than Hecate and the Sun heard her screams, she could not be saved.
 Unbearably sad, Demeter looked for her daughter in vain, day and night. As a result of her deep sorrow, all creation withered; the crops no longer bore fruit and the flowers did not bloom. After a while, the Sun, who saw everything from the sky, took pity on the goddess and told her that Persephone had been kidnapped by Pluto and was in the Underworld. Demeter demanded that Pluto returned Persephone, otherwise she would not let the earth bloom again. Zeus, motivated by the pleas of the hungry people, ordered Pluto to release Persephone, but Pluto did not want to lose his beloved and decided to trick her. He knew he had no choice but to obey Zeus, but first he gave Persephone a pomegranate to eat. Pluto knew that if the girl ate food in the Underworld, she would bond with him and would not be able to leave. Persephone ate six spores and sadly sealed her fate. When Demeter found out, she was furious and to calm her down, Zeus proposed a compromise; for every seed she ate, Persephone would stay in Hell for a month. So, they came to an agreement. Persephone would be on Earth for six months with her mother and spend the other six in the Underworld with Pluto.
Evelyn de Morgan - Demeter Mourning for Persephone
Demeter accepted the decision, but never overcame the loss of her daughter. During the six months that Persephone was in Hades, Demeter mourned, and nature mourned with her. The trees lost their leaves, the crops got sick and a heavy winter fell on the ground. But when Persephone returned to her mother, Demeter's joy made the earth green and the plants bloom again, thus creating the myth of the four seasons: the eternal cycle of nature’s death and rebirth.
Frederic Leighton - The Return of Persephone
The myth has acquired anthropocentric symbolism and is associated with marriage and death as well as the traumatic separation of a mother and her daughter and their subsequent reunion. It’s a myth that I hold close to my heart and one that I loved listening to before bed when I was younger.
Aside from myths, there are also many wonderful gemstones connected to mothers. Of course, how could such an important person only have one stone, when she has so many special qualities. The stones most closely related to mothers are rose quartz, which symbolises the unconditional love and emotional strength that a mother possesses, moonstone, which represents feminine power and mental strength, and aquamarine, which is the stone of serenity, calmness and protection – all characteristics that together beautifully depict the perfect image of our precious mama. 
Never waste an opportunity to show your mom how much you appreciate her or forget to tell her repeatedly just how much you love her. If your mom is one in a million like mine, you are a lucky lady and never doubt it. Remind her how much she means to you by gifting her a special piece from one of our beautiful collections and choose the stone that you think best represents your personal goddess.