Happy Christmas 🎄

This holiday season l
et’s make it about us!

Hello Salome tribe! The most wonderful time of the year is upon us, and we are sure that in everyone’s mind there is a million details on how to celebrate, where to go and definitely what to get your loved ones for Xmas.

During the holiday season, the selection of gifts and their offer is a concern of many people. Young and old are looking forward to opening their gifts and offering them to their relatives and friends.
But what is the significance of the gifts, especially nowadays, in the difficult and unprecedented conditions of the last two years?

A gift is anything that is given or offered to someone without consideration or reward.

Gifts are given to someone who is celebrating or having a birthday, to an anniversary or meeting, even in cases where we just want to thank someone by offering them something. The holiday season is definitely the opportunity to buy gifts and especially for exchange.

With as much joy as we give our gift, with as much enthusiasm we wait to receive our own.

The object that is "hidden" in the packages is not as important as the feeling and the intention that accompanies it.

On the occasion of this difficult year which included a new virus, quarantine, reversals of plans, professional difficulties, mental disorganization, we can reconsider the importance of a gift and by doing introspection we can think about what gift we would like for ourselves and for others, what we would like for the new year…

Value yourself and everyone around you.



So, for 2021 we can "give" generously to ourselves and ourloved one’s love and care for our health, positive thinking, simplicity, warmth, motivation, and mobilization to achieve personal and professional goals.

But how we can enhance all these? How can we source sufficient energy and power to achieve all our new goals and dreams?

Here at Salome, we love elevating our energy by combing it with the right crystals. So, do a bit of research among your loved ones and discover what is the main thing on their mind this season, what are the goals they want to achieve and then come back here and go through the list bellow to choose the right stone to gift them:

Balance of emotions: Pearls

Confidence & Motivation: Goldstone

Inspiration & Happiness: Tourmaline

Intuition: Moonstone

Joy & Happiness: Rainforest Jasper

Love: Rose Quartz

Positive Thinking: Pyrite

Protection: Malachite

Relaxation: Aquamarine

Transformation: Malachite

Also do not be afraid to mix and match. Harnessing the power and combining different crystals can help us achieve easier multiple goals, feel happy and powerful. Go to our website and take a look over the different pieces we offer, let your imagination free and style any of them with the other.

To make it even more personal for someone we offer a monogrammed series of bracelets that you will no doubt fell in love with.

Each of us can enjoy this year's holidays uniquely!

Talk to relatives and friends, play board games with your children, and loved ones, enjoy the days when you are not working and relax physically and psychologically, put on music, dance and sing in your home with your children, smell the beautiful smells, laugh, make beautiful pictures and memories.  

So, these holidays give yourself value, love him more, take care of him and build your mental resilience!

Dream, review situations, claim, set priorities and goals. Remind yourself that we give our value to ourselves, through small daily moments, through small moments of happiness…And let us help you enhance all these moments with small and elegant creations.

Happy Holidays to all of us!